Higginbotham continuing his baseball journey in Macon

    Danny Higginbotham is in his 4th season in the Coastal Plain League./(A.J. Good WGXA)<p>{/p}

    Macon Bacon head coach Danny Higginbotham has gone to a lot of places during his time in baseball. Though his family isn't always thrilled as he is. "Its been fun. Lots of cities. Lots of cities, I think my mother would want me closer to home at some point. But, I love it, I wouldn't change it or the world."

    Danny played in the division two ranks at Arkansas Tech. He worked there and a couple other stops, including working sales in the minor leagues, before becoming a assistant at South Dakota State. Picking up a lot of tidbits along the way. "The goal I strive for is I like to learn everyday. I'm learning something everyday. You have to practice what you preach. You want to tell the guys to focus on their craft, you have to focus on your craft. That's managing people, that's managing the guys helping them develop into good men and good baseball players."

    Higginbotham was previously the head coach of the Martinsville Mustangs, but a old friend was able to bring him to Macon. "He mentioned the idea and I loved the idea of of a team being reborn in a town that has so much history. I'm excited and tickled to have the opportunity."

    Like other coaches in the league, his team could've made the NCAA Tournament, delaying his trip to middle Georgia. But, he knew the team would be in good hands. "Luckily I have Ryan Vruggink who is my pitching coach for 3 years. 3 summers, I guess we can say 3 years because we work on this year round. I trust him with the world. He's my right hand man and I would've glady handed him the reigns for a couple weeks."

    The prize for his is to be a division one head coach. But, he knows that could be another part of his long journey in the game. "I like to use be where your feet are. My feet are in Macon right now and I want to win baseball games here, partner with the community in things like tonight. That's what I strive to do."

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