Macon Bacon and Savannah to play for Golden Spork

The Macon Bacon will start playing for the trophy on May 31/WGXA

The Macon Bacon and the Savannah Bananas now have a offical trophy to play for this summer. The two will battle for the Golden Spork.

The trophy will be carved by Corey Worden of Beneath the Bark. The carving will start during their first contest on May 31 in Savannah, and it will end during their next game in Macon on June 2.

The two teams will play 16 times this season in the Coastal Plains League. “We welcome the chance to bury the Bacon. We’re heading in to our third year and already have one title and another playoff appearance. The Bacon still have some things to learn,” said Jared Orton, Bananas Team President. “This will be on of the most unique carvings I have ever done. My goal is to have it be so cool, we end up on SportsCenter.” said Worden of Beneath the Bark. “I feel honored that both organizations placed their trust in me to erect their Golden Spork.”

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