Payne resigns as Augusta National Chairman, Ridley assumes role

Billy Payne resigned Wednesday as Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club.  /(MGN Online)

AUGUSTA, GA -- After 11 years of service, Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne has resigned.

After taking over the role in 2006, Payne made a major impact on the club in 2012 admitting the club's first ever female members.

Payne was instrumental in creating three major grow-the-game initiatives as well as helping build a new state-of-the-art media center at Augusta National. Recently it was reported Payne and Augusta National reached a land purchase agreement with neighboring Augusta Country Club which would create more space on the 13th hole at Augusta National.

Former USGA President Fred Ridley will replace Payne as Chairman effective Oct. 16 prior to the club's season. Ridley will become the club's only chairman to ever compete in the Masters Tournament ('76-'78).

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