Russell Henley inducted into Stratford Athletic Hall of Fame

Macon-native Russell Henley received induction into the Stratford Academy Hall of Fame Wednesday morning. /(Ronshad Berry, WGXA)

MACON, GA -- Before he began his ascent up the PGA world rankings, Russell Henley stared on the green at Stratford Academy.

After a stellar career with the Eagles and again at the University of Georgia, Henley is currently cutting his teeth on the PGA Tour.

The former Haskins Award recipient is currently ranked 44th in the world, but Wednesday morning he received a sentimental honor with his induction into the Stratford Academy Athletic Hall of Fame.

"I think its just really special on a personal level," Henley said. "I think all the other things I've done, it will be good for me in terms that, you know making strides and getting better on the PGA tour, when it turn that this is all great, but being here and being inducted into a tradition like this it's really cool."

A multi-sport athlete at Stratford, Henley knew he wanted to be a professional golfer but never expected it to take off.

"I always knew I wanted to play golf, I never knew had an expectation of what I thought what I should or couldn't do," Henley said. "It all kind of happened."

Henley earned his best finish of his career with a -1 performance at the 2017 Masters.

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